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SCHURTER receives "Best Partner Award 2016" from AMT

During the "Year-end-Baquet" SCHURTER Input Systems was awarded the "Best Partner Award 2016" by AMT President Lillian Chao.

SCHURTER's long-standing touch partner AMT from Taiwan held its "Year-end-Baquet" on Saturday, January 14, 2017 with over 500 invited guests. For Asian companies, this event is an important Chinese tradition held at the end of the Lunar Year to thank, celebrate and reward employees and business partners for their work and support.

SCHURTER was awarded the "Best Partner Award 2016" by AMT President Lillian Chao. Mr. Thomas Helbling, Head of Global Sales Division Input Systems, was presented with a Best Partner of 2016 Award. Mr. Helbling extolled a very successful 15 years of partnership between SCHURTER and AMT which saw both become technology leaders and high performing companies. He stressed that these achievements were not only based on commercial factors but also intangibles such as mutual trust, confidence, loyalty, honesty, and a real and deep friendship. This is the secret to long-term partnership and long-term success.

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