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Schurter_EMC_CC_Mendrisio Schurter_EMC_CC_Mendrisio

SCHURTER AG EMC-EMS Competence Center

The headquarters of the SCHURTER Group is SCHURTER AG based in Lucerne, Switzerland. The main focus lays on development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and warehousing.

The Assortment contains fuses, fuseholders, circuit breakers for equipment, power entry modules with and without filter, appliance couplers, voltage selector switches, emc products, are manufactured locally for reliable, high standard and custom-made solutions in the telecom, data communication, industrial automation, machinery and other industries.

Well-known companies from the telecommunications, computer, industrial automation, mechanical engineering and measuring and medical technology worldwide rely on the components and system solutions from SCHURTER.

SCHURTER AG EMC-EMS Competence Center

The EMC-EMS Competence Center of SCHURTER AG, formerly known as Ticomel SA, is dividing its activities into two strategic business units:

The unit EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) develops and manufactures single and three phase line filters, chokes and winding goods for the global market. Mainly customer-specific solutions are developed based on standard products to ensure electromagnetic compatibility. Our individual Measurement Service completes the range of products.

The unit EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) manufactures electronic modules for the European markets. From counseling through PCB production to the testing concept and delivery – SCHURTER AG offers a whole range of electronic manufacturing services and suitable solutions to fulfill the customers' requirements.

Business Excellence

SCHURTER has been actively engaged with Total Quality Management (TQM) since 1991. TQM is based on a comprehensive management and quality model – the EFQM MODEL. Business Excellence is the philosophy behind this model.

For all SCHURTER stakeholders - customers, employees, society, financial investors, suppliers and partners - it is our aim to attain enduring and excellent results together with added values.

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