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400 VDC connectors according to IEC TS

The world's first complete 400 VDC connector family according to IEC TS for safe and efficient DC power supply

Green Line by SCHURTER.

The world's first appliance connectors made of bio-based plastic. Increase sustainability and reduce CO₂.

SCHURTER Electronic Components, Input Systems and Solutions

SCHURTER products and solutions

Electronic Components

Our Components for safe power supply comprise equipment protection, equipment connectors, switches and EMC products including measurement service.

Input Systems

SCHURTER develops, manufactures and markets input systems, touch screens and touch panels, capacitive sensor keypads, membrane keypads and housing systems in close cooperation with the customers.


Solutions supports customers in the development and manufacture of customised complete products, drawing on the extensive overall capabilities of the SCHURTER Group.

Latest news

Green Line

SCHURTER presents the first 10A In-/Outlets made of plant-based plastic worldwide! The very first members of the new Green Line family are the types 6100-3, 6100-4, 6102-3, 6102-5, 6600-3 and 6600-4.

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SCHURTER's Engineering Competences

As a reliable developer and manufacturer of electronic components and HMI's, we understand the importance of perfectly engineered products.

SCHURTER UHP-SMD Fuse for High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries

With the increased availability of low-cost, high-performance lithium-ion battery cells, there is a growing need to manage higher and higher currents via low-cost, SMD-assembled low-cost PCBs.

Type 6080 with Cordset

Protection against dirt particles and moisture is becoming increasingly important. With the product type 6080 and the associated V-Lock power cable, SCHURTER is launching an IP54 device connection that also meets very high demands.

Smart Connector

With the internal Smart Connector DS11 - the first product of its kind worldwide - and the external Smart Connector DT31, conventional electronic devices can be easily converted into intelligent devices.

Your project - our products and solutions

Get to know our products and solutions. We are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is technically feasible in order to always offer our customers the best possible products and the most efficient solutions.

Our knowledge at your service

SCHURTER has extensive in-house expertise in engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management, testing and qualification as well as in various services. This makes SCHURTER an independent, reliable partner for our customers.

Do you need a customised solution?

For all customer needs that exceed the core business of the SCHURTER Group company, SCHURTER Solutions takes over the networking and thus reaches a maximum possible benefit for the customer. SCHURTER Solutions accompanies the project throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Join us to build success

Ready for your next career move? Do you want to share your know-how and get more responsibilities? Your new job position in the electronics industry is just a click away. As a leading provider of electronic components and input systems, we always need professionals like you.

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