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Bruno H. Schurter Foundation

Promote and support current and retired employees

Purpose of the Bruno H. Schurter Foundation

The general purpose of the Foundation is to promote and support current and retired employees and their relatives of companies held by SCHURTER Holding AG (Lucerne).

Specifically, young employees in vocational training and/or in the process of further education are to be supported. Support shall also be provided to employees of any age in cases of illness, accident, disability, or hardship through no fault of their own.

Furthermore, the Foundation may make contributions towards the costs of external childcare. The Foundation can also provide support in the event of officially ordered restructuring measures with regard to pension funds or general restructuring measures to secure endangered jobs within the SCHURTER Group. Shareholders and their family members are not eligible. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. It is active in Switzerland and abroad within the scope of its purpose.

In order to realize the purpose of the Foundation, it may make distributions both from the income and from the assets of the Foundation. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees expressly reserves the right to change or adapt the purpose at any time.


After decades of work in service of the SCHURTER Group, I wanted to take the fruits of my labor and give back for greater good through the foundation. At the same time, it was important for me to include the founding family’s fourth generation on the foundation board and draw them to a social commitment that benefits employees and their relatives.

Bruno H. Schurter

Foundation Board from left to right: Bruno H. Schurter, Stefanie Holm, Marc Hägeli, Celine Schurter, Louis Sigg, Fabienne Schurter

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees

Stefanie Holm:

I first met Bruno Schurter almost 20 years ago in California. I was greatly honored when he asked me if I wanted a seat on the Foundation Board. With my professional background, I’ve been able to pass on some knowledge to the Bruno H. Schurter Foundation and make a difference along with the other board members.

Marc Hägeli:

The Schurter family’s social engagement shows just how valued SCHURTER Group employees are. I’ve been greatly inspired by the establishment of the Bruno H. Schurter Foundation. Being able to achieve something that has concrete benefits for all involved is extremely motivating for me.

Celine Schurter:

I think it is important that people have the opportunity to realise their full potential. Financial means should not be an obstacle. That's why I think it's great that the Bruno H. Schurter Foundation can support some of the SCHURTER Group employees on their life's journey.

Louis Sigg:

As a fourth generation family member, it is important for me to be present in the company in a meaningful way. This foundation offers me the great opportunity to give something back to our employees who are in need or have other social needs to cover for their hard work.

Fabienne Schurter:

I was immediately excited by the opportunity to get involved in the Bruno H. Schurter Foundation and make a contribution. In addition to all the other important purposes of the Foundation, my particular concern is to enable young mothers to remain active in their professional lives. Where there are no corresponding offers, the foundation can help in the area of childcare and further education for young mothers. Here the Foundation can make a meaningful contribution.

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