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Push Button Switches

Innovation in focus: Switches and push buttons made by SCHURTER

Safe and reliable switches

We develop and manufacture electronic and mechanical push button switches such as micro switches, piezo elements with mechanical latching, switches with metal buttons keyboards, and display elements.

Our Switches portfolio

Metal Line Switches

The latching and momentary action switches from the metal line of SCHURTER are extremely rugged, feature top quality and attractive design. The piezo switches have a high lifetime of 20 million operations and are hermetically sealed according to IP69K.

Momentary action Switches

The switches of SCHURTER are available with different switching functions, number of poles, colors and illumination. The rocker switch range of SCHURTER has different colors and illumination.


SCHURTER provides both, LEDs in holders and holders without LEDs for PCB and panel mounting. Panel-mount holders are available with built-in reflector and optional built-in current-limiting resistor.

Accessories Switches

The suitable accessories to the SCHURTER switches.

MSM II MO Metal Push Buttons

The MSM push-button family has been successfully used on the market for over 30 years. It is known for its durability, precision and particularly high-quality workmanship. These characteristics - combined with additional features - distinguish the new MSM II generation to the same extent.

  • Increased impact resistance IK 08

  • Increased ESD resistance

  • Reduced installation depth

  • Extended standard portfolio

Touchless Switch TTS

The Covid 19 pandemic has greatly increased the demand for non-contact push buttons and switches. Various studies show that the transmission of viruses and bacteria via surfaces exposed to constant contact with hands is high.

CPS Switch

Our CPS switches are robust and customizable. This switch family caters to the latest technology trend for robust momentary and latching push button switches while sporting an elegant modern look that makes them the perfect choice wherever a high-quality aesthetic appearance plays a role.

THS - Touchless switch for invisible installation

Conventional switches often require unattractively large mounting holes in the user interface. Not so with the SCHURTER THS: the Touchless Hidden Switch. It can be installed almost invisibly from behind. A tiny cut-out in the user interface is all that is needed and the ToF sensor reliably does its job.

  • Suitable for use behind all materials

  • Allows the designer a great deal of freedom in design

  • Precise sensor technology

  • RGB surface illumination

Multicolor Switches

With the Multicolor illumination, the Metal Line switches from SCHURTER are given a significant extension of their application areas.

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