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PCAP Touchscreens

From design to serial production. PCAP touchscreens from SCHURTER are used in the most demanding markets.

We give value to touches

From design to serial production. SCHURTER develops and produces tailor-made projected capacitive (PCAP) touch solutions that perfectly fit the application.

For the most demanding environments

Our production centres in Europe and Asia are fully equipped to handle the most complexe PCAP projects. Thanks to our in-house protoshop, SCHURTER is able to manufacture prototypes for pre-testing and fast market introductions.

PCAP touchscreens from SCHURTER are used in the most demanding markets. We have a lot experiences in developing PCAP touchscreens for:

  • ATEX environments

  • Outdoor applications

  • Vending and Point of Sales (POS) machines

  • Food processing systems

  • Heavy duty machinery

  • Medical devices

Watch our video and gain insights into our projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAP) solutions.

We give value to touches

At our high-end production facilities, we produce small to large series of customized PCAP touchscreens. In close cooperation with you, we develop HMI solutions with PCAP touch panels, displays and electronics, for the most demanding applications. Tuned and programmed to your needs.

The benefits of PCAP touchscreens from SCHURTER:

  • From development to production at own production sites

  • In-house experts for development, engineering, electronics and firmware customisation

  • EMC compliance for industrial and medical

  • Water / salt water resistant

  • Can be operated with gloves

  • Multi-touch 1-10 fingers

  • Optical bonding

  • In-house EMC testing possibilities

The PCAP touchscreen competences at SCHURTER:

  • Own sensor design and production from 3.5"- 32"

  • Custom controller design, tuned to specific demands

  • Controllers from Microchip, PenMount, Ilitek and EETI

  • Custom front glass in every desired thickness, shape and size

  • Display, electronics and housing integration

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