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Further components

Heavy-current and other electrical installation material

Other products

SCHURTER manufactures and distributes high-current and other electrical installation material. Also all discontinued products will be listed so that the necessary technical specifications are still available.


MULTIBOX brings new technologies optimally and space-saving into the building. It assumes the role of the Building Entry Point (BEP). The flexible concept of MULTIBOX accommodates both a combined power cable with speed pipes and an optical fibre cable routed separately to the building.

Advantage in house connection - Convincing in terms of design, ecology and innovation

High current, transpillars, and more

High Current

SCHURTER supplies many D-Accessories, including DIN-style fuses and multifunction housings for DIN applications.

Transipillars, Spacers

SCHURTER Transipillar are spacers for rugged and insulated board-to-board and board-to-chassis mounting.

Discontinued Products

Overview of discontinued SCHURTER products, which are no longer manufactured.
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