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SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o.

On January 1, 2020 AKI ELECTRONIC became SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o.

SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o. in Czech Republic

Our Characteristics are developing individual customized solutions for touchpanels and input systems. Strong vertical integration in manufacturing (glass, bezel, optical bonding) and flexible production of small and medium series.

About us

SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o. (former AKI ELECTRONIC) was founded in Jihlava in 1992 as a production facility for membrane keypads and overlay panels. In the beginning, the main market and distribution facility was located in Austria. However, due to consistently good quality and favourable production costs, the company has been able to expand successfully. Today, SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o. manufactures on a production area totalling 5,000 m² products such as input systems, PCAP touch panels and membrane keypads for the German, Austrian and Czech markets.

From the beginning, aki's focus was on the highest possible production coverage, with the result that all the following production steps are now carried out in-house: mechanical production of aluminium base plates on CNC milling machines, complete production of the cover glass (including mechanical processing, chemical pre-stressing and imprinting within automated screen printing), optical bonding of touch sensors together with mounting of displays in the clean room.

In addition to touch panels with resistive and capacitive technology, membrane keyboards remain a very important product for SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o.. Important processes such as the screen printing process have been automated to achieving optimum production. SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o. has many years of experience in the implementation of a wide range of requirements and needs, and our application engineers offer comprehensive support in the design and construction of the keyboard.

SCHURTER Eletronics spol. s r.o. has been awarded certification according to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and ISO13485:2016 as part of our commitment to quality, the environment, health and safety and ongoing improvement of all relevant processes.


With our focus on the medical and automation technology markets, we are developing and producing resistive and PCAP touchscreens and input systems that are perfectly tailored to the specific applications, in close cooperation with our customers."

Marek Brázda, CEO SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o.

Our Contact Persons are ready to help you

Marek Brázda

Managing Director

Daniela Hosová

Head of Sales

Rostislav Bartušek

Business Development

Šárka Fejtová

Sales In-house

Petr Nosek

Sales In-house

Iveta Patryová

Sales In-house

Dana Dvořáková

Project Management

Petra Vítů

Project Management

Markéta Hovorková

Project management


  • Managing Director: Marek Brázda

  • Data Protection Officer: Magda Večeřová

Commercial Information

  • Commercial Register: 45476624

  • VAT-No.: CZ45476624

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