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Illumination Technology

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Illumination technology

SCHURTER offers a wide range of illumination technologies to light up your product. Spot light or full illumination, it is your choice. All our factories have designers to bring your ideas to life.


  •  Point and touch-point illumination (single, dual and full color LEDs)

  •  Surface illumination of keys and logos

  •  Backlighting


This Multicolor Illuminated System is a keypad system with various design options regarding shape, color and multi colored lighting. The keypad offers a precise and uniform illumination and it visualizes the device status, the key frames, symbols or information fields in signal colors according to your individual requirements.


  • Variety of design options

  • Different shapes of switches and information fields are possible (sizes acc. data sheet)

  • Switches and information fields in multi colored illumination with RGB leds

  • Switches and information fields in monochrome illumination with single color leds

  • Very homogeneous illumination

Changeable parameters

  • Design, shapes and colors

  • 2 RGB leds and 2 single color leds per switch

  • 2 + 2 single color leds (in white, blue green yellow, orange, red) per switch

  • Individual design of information fields (sizes acc. data sheet)

  • Integration of double contact security circuit (DualTip)

  • "Slim type“ with reduced system height of 4.8 mm (also with reduced illumination homogeneity


Set parameters

  • Switch size is minimal 12 x 12 mm or Ø 12 mm

  • Switch size is maximal 30 x 30 or Ø 30 mm

  • Minimal distance from the switches is 3 mm by round forms and 5 mm by all the other forms


Deadfront is a visual aspect that can be added to our switches, capacitive or membrane. Particular parts of the front can be made visual only when you want it to be. This technology can conceal an LED key, symbol or any other message on the product. The deadfront technology consist of a printing process with a transparent ink, printed behind an open area on the glass or overlay. When a light source, e.g. a LED, is placed behind this printed part, is will light up. When the light is turned off, there will be no difference in color with the neighboring color.

Characteristics of deadfront are

  • Let inactive input elements appear invisible

  • Providing a better overview, user-friendly operation

Relevant documents

An overview of documents related to our Illumination Technology:

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