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Common mode chokes

High current types for PCB

Common mode chokes or Current-compensated chokes

Electrical and electronic equipment must be protected against external interferences (immissions) and must not emit any interferences (emissions). For this purpose, the devices must meet the corresponding EMC requirements.


DKIH: Nanocrystalline common mode chokes

We expand our range of current compensated chokes with high current types for PCB mounting. Our DKIH series, available with a nanocrystalline ring core, offers 8 times higher inductance performance than ferrite core versions in the same compact dimension.

SPICE library

An efficient circuit development requires a previous simulation. However, each simulation is only as good as the model is capable of mapping the reality. Therefore we provide sophisticated simulation models taking into account magnetic saturation.

The ideal filter in just 6 steps

The causes of EMC interference can be of various kinds. Therefore, standard filters are not always the simplest and best solution. We now offer a so-called "Evaluation Board" with which an almost ideal filter.

The current-compensated choke - also called common-mode choke - is a coil or inductance for limiting currents in electrical lines, for intermediate storage of energy, for impedance matching, or for filtering. It is used in the field of power supplies for electrical and electronic devices in power electronics. SCHURTER offers current-compensated chokes for 2-, 3- and 4-wire circuits with different toroidal core materials.

DKUH-1: Current Compensated High-Current Choke

SCHURTER is launching a new choke family for energy applications with particularly high power on the PCB. The DKUH-1 current-compensated chokes are designed for currents of up to 100 A and a rated voltage of up to 800 VDC.

The ever more compact design does not stop at particularly powerful applications in the energy sector. What used to be freely wired as a matter of course is now also included on the circuit board. This high-density design combined with optimized energy efficiency leads to an increase in electromagnetic interference in modern electronic devices. This requires correspondingly powerful filter elements.

DKUH-1 = very high performance
Thanks to the bifilar winding and nanocrystalline cores in the DKUH-1 chokes, enormously high currents are possible with still compact dimensions. The chokes can be mounted directly on the PCB and soldered in a wave bath. The open design enables optimum cooling, both passive and active. This makes the members of the DKUH-1 family ideal for high power ratings in the energy range with voltages of up to 800 VDC.

The new high-current chokes are ideal for energy applications such as EV fast-charging stations, battery storage, photovoltaics or energy converters. However, the new chokes are also an excellent solution for many high-power industrial applications. Inquiries for customized versions are welcome.

DKUH-1: Current Compensated High-Current Choke for PCBs

Common mode attenuation

In electrical engineering, common-mode interference is the term used for interference voltages and currents on the connecting lines between electrical components that occur with the same phase position and current direction both on the forward line and the return line between these components.

Signal and transmission paths with high common-mode rejection provide a remedy against such common-mode interference. Current-compensated chokes are ideally suited for this purpose. Such current-compensated chokes are used to attenuate asymmetrical (common-mode) interference. They can be found in switching power supplies, for example, which generate RF interference.

Impedance curves DKIH-4

Nanocrystalline chokes

Nanocrystalline chokes for 1- and 3-phase applications on the printed circuit board

SCHURTER offers a wide range of current-compensated chokes for high current applications on printed circuit boards. The DKIH series is now available with nanocrystalline toroidal cores. These cores have eight times higher inductance than the same chokes with ferrite cores. Due to the open design, the chokes are compact and light. They are ideal for suppressing EMC interference generated by power applications on the printed circuit board.

Like most electronic components, the power section is increasingly mounted on the PCB with discrete components. However, due to the high integration density required to achieve a compact design, thermal problems can arise due to the high currents on the PCB. EMC interference can affect adjacent modules due to the lack of spatial separation. Therefore, a compact filter on the PCB with discrete components is often the best solution. A current-compensated choke with capacitors is the most efficient measure for suppressing EMC interference.


The DKIH-1 series is designed for use in 1-phase AC or DC applications. Compact and lightweight, the current-compensated chokes are easy to install on the printed circuit board and are contacted by means of THT (through-hole) contacts. The components have been developed and approved according to IEC 60938, UL 1283, and CSA 22.2 no. 8. The nominal voltages are 300 VAC (IEC, UL), 250 VAC (CSA), and 425 VDC for all variants.


The DKIH-3 series is suitable for 3-phase applications with a rated current of 10 A to 50 A. The current-compensated chokes comply with the IEC 60938 standard. With a rated voltage of 600 VAC, they are suitable for most applications.


The new DKIH-4 series is suitable for 3-phase applications with neutral lines at rated currents from 10A to 40A. Compact and lightweight, the current-compensated chokes are easy to install on the PCB. The contacts are made by means of through-hole contacts (THT). The current-compensated chokes comply with the IEC 60938 standard. With a rated voltage of 500 VAC or 760 VAC, they are suitable for almost any application.

All chokes of the DKIH series are designed for a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +100 °C. The DKIH series is suitable for almost all applications. In addition to the standard products, customer-specific pin configurations or versions can be created on request.


Compact EMC solutions require the use of state-of-the-art materials and many years of experience in power electronics in order to optimally cover all customer requirements.

Herbert Blum, Product Manager, SCHURTER AG

Safety is our business

Innovation and engineering

SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems, and EMC products as well as a PCB assembly service provider for the electronics industry worldwide. Success for and together with our customers is our permanent incentive. We are accustomed to being innovative to meet challenges in diverse markets. We boldly realize new ideas, and we support and drive forward our R&D teams, each day anew.

Quality across the entire line

Products and services from SCHURTER meet the highest demands on quality – because SCHURTER uses quality-, environmental- and safety management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, the Six Sigma method, and the EFQM Excellence Model. All products carry country-specific testing labels such as VDE, ENEC, UL, and CCC. Further, customers profit from excellent service and short delivery times thanks to a well-organized international network of Group companies and distributors.

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